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Let Cultural Insights lift your brand to New Heights

Let Cultural Insights lift your brand to New Heights

The Agency where Cultural Anthropology meets (marketing) Communication

What is culture?

When listening closely you hear and see culture everywhere. It answers the simplest questions of why you shake hands when meeting someone new, or why you eat with cutlery (or not). Culture stands for shared values, norms, traditions, and ways of thinking and doing that a group of people have in common. Sometimes you realize that you are part of a culture, like celebrations and holidays, other times you do not, like eating chocolate sprinkles on your bread or burping in public spaces (or not).

As cultural whispers are everywhere, it influences how individuals behave, communicate, think, and make decisions. It plays a significant role in our daily lives: how we understand and live it.

Although it might sound exotic ‘culture’, being part of a culture is actually something all humans have in common. And while it seems as something static, it is in constant change and you can be part of multiple cultures at the same time, like your national culture as your internal company culture. It forms your identity.

About us

At HumanTales, we specialize in marketingcommunication strategy, leveraging the deep insights of cultural anthropology. We decode cultures and craft compelling narratives that resonate across borders, helping brands and organizations connect meaningfully with their audiences.


Decoding culture

Why behind the what

At HumanTales, we bridge the gap between brands and their audiences by deeply understanding cultural nuances. By decoding internal and external cultural signals, we create insights that resonate with you and your audience’s values and traditions. It reveals how people think, behave, and make decisions. Our cultural decoding services are designed to make your brand’s or organization’s communication speak directly to the heart of the consumer. This holistic approach allows you to understand the impact of culture and how it can be effectively used to enhance both engagement and authenticity.


Back to the Roots

Together we hit the brakes and go back to the basics, to your core identity. What do you stand for and most importantly: why? We do not believe in radical new identities, we believe in reidentifying your identity while making it stronger and resilient on the way. Based on cultural understanding, human values are incorporated into your identity. Using cultural insights, we ensure your brand or organization can evolve while staying true to its core. Our goal is to leave you with a rooted identity that will give you strong fundamentals for coherency and resonate with your audience.

Strategic Communication

Bridging Cultures

At HumanTales, we believe in the power of understanding the ‘why’ behind the data to communicate effectively and authentically. Whether it’s through marketingcommunication or corporate communications, our strategies are based on deep cultural insights. We craft messages by using the findings from the cultural decoding where we analyzed your audience’s behaviors, values, and decision-making processes, that are clear and compelling. This approach ensures that your communications are not only effective but also genuine and relatable. By aligning your messaging with cultural contexts, we help you achieve greater connection and impact with your target audience.

Our Process


We start by understanding your current identity and cultural context.


We decode cultural signals relevant to your brand and audience.


We develop a communication strategy that aligns with your cultural insights and business goals.


We implement the strategy, ensuring your message resonates and engages your audience effectively.

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Our team

Gert Koot

Gert is a Marketing Communication and Communication Stategist Co-author of the textbook ‘Marketing Communication in 14 Steps’. Public speaker on trends and developments in the marketing communication and communication landscape.

Maxime de Jonge

Maxime is a cultural anthropologist and development sociologist fascinated by the complexity of human societies and their diverse belief systems. As a strategist, she is dedicated to bridging the gap between cultures, brands, and organizations.

What is your Tale?

Let HumanTales help you understand how your audience perceives the world. By incorporating cultural insights into your corporate and (marketing)communication strategies, we ensure your message is not only heard but felt. From internal corporate culture to marketing communication campaigns, we help you communicate on the same frequency as your audience.